TV Documentary
Our team will provide you with a wide range of choices to help you work better on your project. The choices are quite open to Africa, which is a land with a diverse variety of sociological and wildlife.
All these aspects will allow you to plan your arrival and to work in all serenity...

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TV series
Determined to present a different image of Africa in all its different components, we work on innovative projects presenting a better Africa in the respect of traditions, customs and morals while remaining in perfect symbiosis with globalization.

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Film Fiction
Working to implement your, our imagination is one of the bases of our work. We also have a large portfolio of actors, actresses and technicians from various backgrounds.

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Corporate film

We accompany the creation process to have the best impact on the target that is the clientele. A better visibility is proposed to you through our offers that will perfectly match your expectations.

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Video clips

Video and photo coverage of events



Internship organization

Sound Recording

Video Editing and Sound Mastering